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Saubermacher Ecoport at Graz Airport

“Check-in” into a liveable environment
Saubermacher Ecoport at the airport

Together with Margret Roth of ROTH Construction Management and the architect Univ.-Prof. DI Klaus Kada, Saubermacher CEO Hans Roth presented the winning model of the new Saubermacher centre “Ecoport” at the airport: a unique two-level space concept with the possibility for expansion. Austria’s first headquarters with ADDED VALUE: international hub, event centre, centre for waste management, innovation and sustainability.

Interested guests, among them the members of the provincial government Hans Seitinger and Manfred Wegscheider, Mag. Gerhard Widmann, Director of Graz Airport, Ing. Michael Kraxner of ROTH Construction Management and Ing. Adolf Pellischek, Mayor of Feldkirchen near Graz, took a first look at the models exclusively submitted by national architects and had themselves convinced of the advantages of the winning project in a personal talk with the architect DI Alfred Bramberger of “bramberger [architects]”. Twelve architects had participated in the competition and presented future-oriented architectural solutions: Cserni & Paugger, Hohensinn Architektur, Malek Herbst, Bramberger, Pittino & Ortner, Ernst Giselbrecht & Partner, Architektur Consult, Zinterl Architekten, PURPUR, Pernthaler, Dietmar Feichtinger and Szyskowitz Kowalski. “Over the next years, our activities will lead us further abroad. The proximity to the airport makes Saubermacher “Ecoport” an international hub, thus we are optimally equipped for the future”, says Saubermacher CEO Hans Roth.

The shell has been found, the contents will make it come alive. Saubermacher will offer more: Saubermacher “Ecoport” will not only be a liveable office building for the employees, but also an open platform for waste management, environmental protection, innovation and sustainability. Beside rooms for events with an ecological focus, there will be a library concerning waste-economic knowledge, models of the innovative Saubermacher systems, a presentation about the paths the waste is taking & possibilities for recycling as well as live and video streaming to the biggest Saubermacher locations. “My wish has always been a transparent factory in order to be able to show our customers the paths their waste is taking. Now, we bring the systems into our new centre for waste management using state of the art technology”, Hans Roth justifies his commitment for the Saubermacher Ecoport, which will be more than just an office building: environmental axis for international business partners and customers, event location, but also meeting point for schools and universities with an educational mandate. The exhibition will be open to the public at Graz Airport, Departure Hall, until 15/2/2010.

Data and facts:
The building consists of a clear, extremely elegant – even almost archaic – floating structure, which is tailored to the needs of its users down to the last detail.

Office organisation
In order to optimise internal pathways, visual relationships and compactness, the entire space allocation plan was distributed to only two levels. Four “NATURAL FINGERS” and the central atrium serve as “light catchers” and zoning within the departments. The distances between the departments and towards the centre are low and without barriers. The disturbing separation of the floors is eliminated. The feeling of togetherness in the building is strengthened.

• The atrium as the centre of internal communication in everyday operation
• Space for events and company functions
• Low energy house standard implemented
• Cooling via the groundwater without energy supply in the form of heat pumps
• Concrete core activation for cooling and heating
• Implementation of the USPs of the Saubermacher Group: timeless understatement, elegance and optimal user comfort
• Photovoltaics

For more photos, please go to: www.pressefotos.at

Link to the live cam

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